Have you ever had to deal with excess clothing in the closet that you don’t even wear? Perhaps, you deal with the choice of having to throw unwanted clothes away. Thankfully, there is a better solution in dealing with clothes that you don’t want or need. At Rent The Runway, they like to think big when it comes to changing up the fashion industry.

This is a service that I use personally and love! Sustainable fashion is a movement I can really get behind. These three reasons below will show why you should get behind it too.

Sustainable Fashion Reduces Waste 

According to Rent The Runway, the average woman throws away about 82 pounds of clothing per year. On top of that, the retail industry is the second largest polluter in the world after oil. Renting clothes you would only wear occasionally is a more sustainable answer. With more people sharing clothes, you would see less clothing waste at the landfills and a less messy closet.

Sustainable Fashion Is Eco-Friendly

Whether packaging clothing, cleaning, or recycling garments, sustainable fashion is an eco-friendly option that you would surely enjoy. Reusable garment bags are used to pack your clothing which protects your rentals ensuring that your clothing arrives clean. A stark contrast to plastic, cardboard, and vinyl packaging indeed.

Cleaning processes use biodegradable detergents that are free from added fragrances and free from toxins. Garments are then passed through a steam tunnel and are immediately sealed to protect them from additional handling.

As for recycling, plastic poly bags are used to protect and preserve garments. Used poly bags are then recycled into wood and decking material. All of this bodes well in helping out the environment in a big way.

Sustainable Fashion Encourages Smart Buying

Sustainable fashion encourages what no other area of the retail industry does and that is smart buying choices. Smart buying offers garments made from materials meant to last multiple seasons. This allows others to get more use from a single piece of clothing, In return, this greatly reduces the need to use unnecessary garments and saves you money in the end. Smart buying allows you to be part of the fast-growing shared clothing economy.

Sustainable Fashion Is The Future Of Retail

It is clear that sustainable fashion is shaping up to be the future of retail. It is eco-friendly, reduces waste, and saves you money. If you are looking for clothing to use for short-term use, then consider the services that Rent The Runway has to offer. 

Like Rent The Runway member Claire once said, “I feel more confident now through the way I dress, and I feel great that I’m making a sustainable choice each time I rent.” What are you waiting for? Join me and let’s be a part of the future of retail and revolutionize the retail industry together.

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