Looking to travel within the USA during COVID-19? There are certain things to keep in mind before traveling to other parts of the country. When you are about to travel, I strongly advise that you look into every COVID-related detail about your destination. This is key to a safe and successful trip wherever you may be traveling to during COVID-19. 

Another thing I would advise you to do is to check out the travel perks many companies offer to certain people. These tips below will help you and others be safe while also saving you money.

Follow The Safety Protocols From Health Experts

Without a question, being safe while traveling during this unprecedented pandemic is of top priority. Whether flying, driving, or using public transportation, it is crucial to follow the safety guidelines health experts recommend. When traveling, here are the tips you should follow:

  • Wear a mask above your mouth and nose while in public.
  • Stay six feet or more apart from others that are not family members.
  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer (especially when touching common touchpoints).
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Avoid contact with those who may be ill.

Following these tips will go a long way in helping you and others be safe during this pandemic.

Check For Travel Restrictions Before Leaving

In many cities and states across the country, each has its own set of COVID-related guidelines others must follow. Some US states require that you sign health declarations or quarantine for up to 14 days after arrival. For a list of specific state-by-state restrictions. Kayak.com has a detailed map of COVID-19 restrictions by state here. This will help you plan your trip accordingly and avoid surprises during travel.

Check For Money Saving Travel Perks

Now that we’ve gone over COVID-19 safety protocols, let’s go over how you can save money when traveling. Many companies and airlines offer travel perks to tourists. Many even offer free or discounted travel for first responders, medical professionals, and essential workers. For example, Choice Hotels offers a “Choices Cares” special rate for essential workers in the medical, food, and transit industries.

When checking for great deals, I totally recommend you check out TravelPulse.com or JohnnyJet.com for incentives like these. You and your wallet will be glad you did.

Travel Perks And Safety Plans Lead To Relaxing Trips

Without a doubt, travel perks along with following safety plans and staying informed about travel information help you plan better. When getting ready to travel, I advise that you follow these tips to avoid any delays or surprises. On top of that, you will have a relaxing trip while saving money and staying safe during this pandemic. From my family to yours, I would like to wish you happy and safe travels.

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